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Government Data Scientist and "Pracademic"

Dennis Linders is a government practitioner and applied researcher specializing in the strategic use of data for public impact and collaborative problem solving. As a researcher, Dennis has published in leading journals and World Bank publications on such topics as "smart cities", urban development, community analytics, and collaborative service delivery. As a practitioner, Dennis is the Manager for Planning & Analytics in the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, where he uses data to improve performance, solve complex problems, and promote equity - with particular focus on place-based strategies, service integration, and using IT to enhance the customer experience.

Personal Information

Professional Skills

  • Data-Informed Strategies / Performance Management / Policy
  • Analytics (Tableau, R, Python, ESRI, QGIS, STATA, PowerBI)
  • Smart Cities / Open Data / Digital Service Delivery
  • IT Strategic Planning / Enterprise Architecture / Standards
  • Software / Web Development (.NET/C#, Java, Alexa, HTML/JS, XML, WP)
  • Knowledge Management / Communities of Practice

Expertise / Specializations

  • Communicating with Data

    Translating data-driven insights into impact requires analysts that can effectively "tell stories with data" to pursuade executives and the general public to take action. My approach combines compelling data visualization techniques with a decade of experience crafting presentations for Mayors and federal leaders, at home and abroad.

  • Data-Informed Strategic Initiatives

    One-off paper plans and strategies tend to quickly collect dust and deviate from realities on the ground. I see planning as a continuous process that requires ongoing coordination, living plans, and constant monitoring of progress by maintaining an interactive, data-rich "common operational picture" used by all stakeholders.

  • Research on Data-Smart Innovations

    Data and technology can dramatically improving government operations, but leaders are often unclear on how exactly they can realize this potential. My research examines how decision-makers can make use of “smart city” infrastructure, big data analytics, open data, and connected citizens to better plan and manage sustainable and inclusive cities.

  • Learning Across Borders

    Government innovation often occurs in unexpected places. I look far and wide for international case studies that show the way forward in using data, technology, and innovative approaches to drive public impact - and I help disseminate emerging best practices by connecting local governments with international peers for two-way knowledge exchanges.

Resume 10+ Years of Experience

Part-Time Post-Graduate Research @ University of Maryland iSchool
2009 - 2017

Conducted independent research centered on data-smart public administration, particularly within the domains of Smart Cities, Open Government, and ICT for Development.

National Science Foundation Awardee (x2)

Sponsored to participate in the Smart Cities Early-Career Investigator Workshop at Cyber-Physical Systems Week and, seperately, the Graduate Data Science Workshop in Seattle.

Visiting Scholar @ Singapore Internet Research Center (NTU)
2013 - 2014

Conducted case studies to examine how Singapore and other leading cities are leveraging smart city infrastructure, big data analytics, and open information systems to promote integrated planning and action on environmental sustainability.

Visiting Summer Fellow @ National Planning Commission - Taiwan ROC

Supported Taiwan’s executive branch to incorporate emerging international best practices in its national open government and digital government initiatives. Focused on disseminating its innovative approach to "proactive" e-government service delivery, m-government, and digital inclusion.

Virtual Student Foreign Service @ US State Dep - e-Diplomacy Unit

Assisted the e-Diplomacy Team in exploring new opportunities to leverage social media to advance U.S. diplomacy as one of the first participants in this program.

Masters @ University of Maryland, School of Public Policy
2006 - 2008

Coursework specialization in economic policy, international development, and digital government. Master thesis entitled "Surfing the People: Tapping into the citizenry's collective intelligence to combat corruption in China." Taught the best-attended discussion section of core graduate-level Public Policy statistics course. 4.0 GPA.

BA Economics / BA International Affairs @ University of Florida
2001 - 2003

Dual degrees in economics and international studies as well as extensive coursework in computer science and a minor in business administration. Study abroad in Brussels and Leiden, the Netherlands. 3.9 GPA.

Manager for Planning & Analytics, Montgomery County Health and Human Services - Director's Office // CountyStat Analyst @ Office of the Montgomery County Executive
2014 - Present

Helping local government executives use data to improve performance and solve problems, incl. in the areas of customer service excellence, IT, government innovation, sustainability, food security, community analytics, and services to seniors and immigrants. Montgomery County provides the full range of County and municipal public services to over a million diverse residents, incl. in such thriving urban areas as Bethesda and Silver Spring.

JPA @ World Bank Urban Development Global Practice
2011 - 2013

Helped develop and then coordinate the plans, strategies, and messaging for flagship collaborative initiatives under the World Bank’s Open Knowledge Platform on Urbanization in partnership with over 20 external institutions from across the globe. Initiatives included a "Mayor’s Dashboard"; a global "learning lab" on metropolitan strategic planning; and "smart city" workshops. Also contributed to country-level Urbanization Reviews that use data-driven insights to inform national urban strategies in countries ranging from Ghana to China.

Fellow @ Logistics Management Institute
2008 - 2011

Served in the highly selective young professionals program at LMI, a trusted, not-for-profit strategic consultancy dedicated to the advancement of government management. Supported a range of government clients in the areas of IT modernization and strategic planning, enterprise architecture, open government, data standards, and knowledge management.

IT and eCommerce Trade Intern @ US Intl Trade Administration

Managed many of the day-to-day operations of the critical US-EU Safe Harbor Privacy Framework to promote cross-border data-flows and assisted with launch of new Digital Media Team.

Software Developer / UX Design @ AutoQuotes, Inc.
2004 - 2006

Provided critical contributions from start to finish as part of a six-person team in the development of an internet-powered project collaboration suite used by over 20,000 customers worldwide.

Electronic Trading Systems Manager @ Fennec Momentum Fund
2002 - 2003

Managed the complex algorithm-based day-trading systems for $3-4 million fund, optimized allocations, and assessed performance.

Works Select Publications, Presentations, and Team Projects

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